The Trump administration will review all of America’s trade deals

ACCORDING to a document crafted by the Trump administration, a model trade agreement has 24 elements. Second on the list is “trade-deficit reduction”, giving a hint as to why Mr Trump wants to review America’s existing agreements. In January Sean Spicer, his press secretary, said the administration would “re-examine all …

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China’s growing clout in international economic affairs

THE IMF “systematically impoverishes foreigners”, and the World Bank’s advice has “negative value to its best clients”. These harsh words were voiced not by lefty critics of the Washington Consensus, but by two men (David Malpass and Adam Lerrick, respectively) whom Donald Trump has picked to lead his Treasury’s dealings …

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Is the Federal Reserve giving banks a $12bn subsidy?

EVERY time the Federal Reserve has raised charges for the reason that monetary disaster, because it did on March 15th, it has finished so partly by growing “Curiosity On Extra Reserves” (IOER). This obscure coverage price is surprisingly controversial. Jeb Hensarling, the Republican chair of the congressional committee that oversees …

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